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KCSD Digital Resource Survey: Supporting Student Success

It's that time of year again to complete your Digital Resource Survey! The ſ¼ City School District (KCSD) conducts an annual Digital Resource Survey to meet New York State Data Reporting Requirements and understand the technical needs of our community. This information helps us provide the right support for our students at every stage of their education.

Filling out this quick survey (under 10 minutes) will make a big difference in our ability to support your child and every child on their academic journey, guiding them to success!

How Can I Find and Fill Out the Digital Resource Survey?

Starting on Monday, October 30, all families will receive an email containing a link to the Digital Resource Survey. The email will be sent from with the subject line: "2023-2024 School Year Digital Resource Survey." You'll receive a new email each day with individual survey links for each KCSD student in your household. This will continue until a survey is completed for each school-age child.

Even if the survey information may seem similar for multiple children in one household, it's crucial for the District to provide personalized support.

Not sure where to look? Here's a sample of what the email will look like:


What If I Can’t Locate the Survey Email? What If I Have Limited Internet Access at My Home or Need Additional Support?


If you can’t access the Digital Resource Survey for any reason, please call your school directly (you can find the school directory here). A school administrator or assistant can conduct the survey with you by phone. 


What if I am Spanish-speaking?


If you would like to take the survey in Spanish, select “Spanish” from the drop-down menu at the top of the survey. Please see the below screenshot:




Thanks to our wonderful community for making supporting our students a priority.