• Teaching & Learning TeamTeaching and Learning


    Deputy Superintendent       

    Kirk Reinhardt, Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning  


    Assistant Superintendents

    Dr. Stacia P. Felicello, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education

    Dr. Lynnette Williams, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education

    Dr. Alissa Oliveto, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Data   



    Beth Lewis-Jackson, Director of Special Education

    Assistant Directors

    Teaching and Learning:

    Jennifer Gribbin, Assistant Director of Elementary MST (Math, Science, Technology)

    Dr. Laura Sagan, Assistant Director of Secondary Humanities

    Sarah Holbrook, Assistant Director for Elementary Humanities 

    Latina Khalil Hairston, Assistant Director of Secondary Math, Science and Technology


    Special Education:

    Mrs. Kimberly S. Terwilliger, Assistant Director of Special Education

    Ms. Angela Sterbenz, Assistant Director of Special Education

    CSE & CPSE Chairs

    Sharon Braswell, CSE Chairperson - 943-3071

    Allison Taylor, Elementary CSE Chairperson - 943-3080

    Jennifer Freer, KHS CSE Chairperson - 943-3768

    Julie Craig, CPSE Chairperson - 943-3072


    Information Technology and Data

    Gary Tomczyk, Jr., Chief Information Officer

    Lori Carl & Stacie Kremper, Educational Data Facilitators
    Contact: (845) 943-3081



    Meeting the New York State Learning Standards

    Elementary, middle and high school students continue to demonstrate notable improvement in reaching the increasingly challenging academic standards of the New York State Education Department.

    Additionally, the district is committed to ongoing curriculum revision and renewal.  Goals for improved student achievement are data based and student centered.

    The district recognizes that a crucial and integral component in the social and academic success of our students is the provision of a safe environment and the integration of character education into all facets of school life.



    Meagher Administration Building
    21 Wynkoop Place
    ſ¼, New York