• The following information has been organized to assist both new and current ſ¼ City School District employees. The underlined titles below will link you to the information found on our website and internet.

    I. Master Calendar
    II. Assessment Calendars
    III. Grade Reporting Schedules
    IV. Payroll Schedule & Information
    V. Report Card K-6 Guide
    VI. District Meeting Schedule
    VII. School Directory
    VIII. District Vision, Mission and Values
    X. Response to Intervention Plan
    XII. Volunteer Process & Application
    XIII. Field Trip Permission Form
      Field Trip Procedures:
    • Submit Field Trip request on MLP no later than 10 days prior to the trip for pre-approval
    • Contact Principal, Office Manager & School Nurse to inform them
    • Arrange for chaperones according to policy. Chaperones are considered volunteers and must be approved by the Board of Education in advance.  This may take at least 1 month to approve
    • Survey students for lunch needs (if applicable). Bag lunches should be offered to all students and ordered only for the students that have requested the bag lunch. Bag lunch request orders must be at least 3 days in advance using the bag lunch order form from the food service department. Arrangements to pick up the bag lunches on the morning of the trip need to be arranged.
    • All field trips require parent/guardian permission.  
    XIV. Policies for Staff
    XV. Community Standard of Dress Policy (BOE Policy #5340)
      Members of the educational community are expected to be clean and well-groomed in their appearance. They represent our District and community, but more importantly, each represents himself or herself as an individual.  Teachers, District personnel, and parents should exemplify and reinforce acceptable student dress and help students develop an understanding of appropriate appearance in the school setting.


    Personal Day Forms must be filled out and signed by your building principal. Personal Business Days requested immediately BEFORE or AFTER a vacation period MUST be approved by the Superintendent in advance.

    Sick Days – please contact your immediate supervisor/principal regarding specific expectations for reporting sick days. FFCRA Poster

    XVIII. Work Day:
      KTF & ESP: Elementary – 8:25-3:25pm; Secondary – 7:40-3:00pm
      Clerical: All Schools – 7 hour 10 minute work day, determined by supervisor
      CSEA: Determined based on position, shift and assignment
      ASPA: As required by position
    Schools not in session:
    Elementary & District - 8:00-3:30pm
    Secondary - 7:30-3:00pm
      Non-Aligned: 8:00-4:00pm and as needed
    XIX. Title VI & VII Enforcement & Compliance: Civil Rights discrimination
      Title IX Enforcement & Compliance: Sexual Harassment & discrimination
    KCSD's Title VI/VII/IX Compliance Officers:
    Ms. Mary Beth Bonville and Mr. Allen Olsen